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Michael D. Eberth

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Headed by Treasurer Michael D. Eberth, and assisted by Deputy Treasurer Cindy Majlinger, this department is responsible for handling all of the township money. The primary functions of the office are tax and utility billing collections, money due for building permits (residential or business), and disbursements. The Treasurer’s office also manages cash flow, and invests the township money according to the guidelines set forth in the townships written investment policy.

The biggest task faced by the department is preparing tax statements for township residents twice a year, in July and December. They are mailed to approximately 20,000 homeowners and businesses throughout Brownstown. The funds are then collected and disbursed accordingly. The tax statements include not only local tax information, but information from Wayne County and the three school districts within Brownstown. Residents now can pay their property taxes over the Internet or by phone. Click here for more details

At year-end, the department is audited by Wayne County, and the audit firm of Plante & Moran.

Thank you
Treasurer, Michael D. Eberth