Pet Lost and Found

Prior to reporting a lost pet, please check with the Brownstown Animal Shelter (675-4008) to confirm that your pet has not already been found.

To submit lost pet information for public advertisement, please contact the Supervisor's Office at (734) 675-0071, by email or drop it off at the Supervisor's Office, 21313 Telegraph Road, during regular business hours (Mon-Fri, 8:00 am - 4:30 pm).

Please include the following information:

Brief Description (breed, coloring, approx. age)
Pet's Name
General location where pet was lost
Your Contact Information (name, daytime phone or email)
Does the animal have an ID or License Tag?
A photo of the lost pet may also be included (for website postings only)

THIS IS A SERVICE FOR BROWNSTOWN RESIDENTS ONLY. We do not accept reports for pets lost or found in other communities. However, you may wish to check with our Animal Control Shelter at (734) 675-4008.

Lost/Found Ads will no longer be posted to this website. However, they will continue to be posted to the following areas:
•    Comcast public bulletin channel 12
•    ATT U-Verse public bulletin channel 99
•    Facebook “Brownstown Events & Happenings

You also have the option of posting a lost/found ad to the “Brownstown Animal Shelter” page on Facebook.