Brownstown Township Code of Ordinances

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Recently Adopted Ordinances

Ordinance 255-01 an Ordinance to Amend the Existing Fireworks Ordinance No. 255 Pursuant to the Michigan Fireworks Safety Act, Public Act 256 of 2011, and Changes to Same as Found in the 2018 Legislative Session Enrolled House Bill Numbers 5939, 5940, and 5941, and the Related Statutes thereto for Enforcement of Same by Township of Brownstown, and to Reflect the Desire to Increase Public Safety by Such Enforcement

Ordinance 141-67, an Ordinance to Amend Zoning Ordinance No. 141-45, Section 11.01 “Residential Uses” by Amending Table 6.02(2) and Adding Section 11.01 (c) to Regulate Multiple Family Dwellings in B-1 and B-2 Districts

Ordinance 173-10; An Ordinance to Amend General Ordinance No. 173, Part 133, Article 3 “Dog and Cat Licenses”; and Article 4 “Kennel Licenses”; and Article 5 “Tags; and Article 8 “General Provisions”, Section 8.03 “Sanitation”, and Section 8.04 “Noise”, and Section 8.05 “Trespass”, and Section 8.08 “Abandonment”, and Section 8.10 “Exotic Animals”, and Section 8.14 “Interference with an Animal Control Officer”, and Section 8.25 “Penalties”

Ordinance 314; An Ordinance Regulating Solicitation or Standing in the Traveled Portion of the Roadway, Providing for Repealer, Severability, Penalties, and Effective Date

Ordinance 313; To Prohibit Marihuana Establishments Pursuant to the Michigan Regulation and Taxation of Marihuana Act

Brownstown Zoning Ordinances

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Ordinance 141-65
Ordinance 272-3
Water and Sewer Ordinances
Ordinance 269-10
Ordinance 250-1
Ordinance 229-15
Ordinance 227-14
Ordinance 227-15
Ordinance 173-9
Ordinance 173-8
Ordinance 173-7

Ordinance 141-63
Ordinance 141-64
Ordinance 141-62
Ordinance 141-61
Ordinance 141-60
Ordinance 141-59
Ordinance 141-58
Ordinance 141-57
Ordinance 141-56
Ordinance 141-50
Ordinance 141-49
Ordinance 141-48
Ordinance 141-47
Ordinance 141-2



Other Documents

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